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Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient Cars in The Philippines

Uncertainties surrounding fuel prices are just among the factors considered by a new-car buyer in making a vehicle purchase. In the US, as much as 84 percent of car shoppers said fuel prices have influenced their car-buying decision. In India, another major car market, the rising cost of fuel is expected to reduce consumers' appetite for buying a new vehicle.

While there is no formal study on the behavior of car buyers in the Philippines, the Pinoys' attitude toward the fluctuations in fuel prices is evident in moves like installing LPG kits in cars or settling with a motorcycle instead of a four-wheeled ride.

Short of taking on either measure, we looked and asked around to come up with what we believe are the 10 most fuel-efficient passenger cars in the Philippine auto industry.




10. Toyota Vios S 1.5 AT

Fuel consumption: 15.44km/l


9.Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6 MT

Fuel consumption: 15.48km/l


8. Hyundai Accent CRDi

Fuel consumption: 16km/l


7. Honda City 1.3 MT

 Fuel consumption: 20.67km/l


6. Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi MT

Fuel consumption: 21.39km/l 


5. Toyota Prius

Fuel consumption: 24.23km/l


4. Lexus CT200h

Fuel consumption: 24.4km/l


3. Honda Jazz 1.5

Fuel consumption: 27.58km/l


2. Suzuki Alto 0.8 MT

Fuel consumption: 34km/l


1. Suzuki Celerio 1.0 MT

Fuel consumption: 34.34km/l



 Source: / DOE